CNM Secure GSM Camera Minder SMS Alarm Security System

CNM Secure GSM Camera Minder SMS Alarm Security System

Alarm Camera that texts you when an intruder or smoke is detected in your home

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Image camera SC1 Easy to install with standard PAYG SIM card O2, Orange or Vodafone and use as a portable remote surveillance camera/alerting system capturing and transmitting images directly to your mobile phone or your email.

  • The cameras have built in motion and infrared sensors to detect movements, e.g. intruders. Within seconds of a detection, the camera notifies  the owner by an SMS message, followed by a transmission of still images over MMS.
  • Very easy to install and use The SC1 camera is easily configured and controlled by simple SMS commands, included are two wireless remote controls using 433MHz as standard. The camera has infrared light for night vision and a lithium battery back-up function (10 to 12 hours) to ensure an uninterrupted operation. SC1 also supports real-time voice transmission over GSM to the owner’s mobile phone for easy monitoring of camera location if the camera is called.
  • Works with standard wireless sensors (included) In add on to the built-in motion sensors, 2 door, 1 smoke sensors are included as well as 2 remote controls and 2 panic alarms should an intruder or a potential fire occur whilst you are in the location of the camera i.e. upstairs in bed.
  • Perfect for any location for monitoring and protecting private or company premises and valuables Ideal at home, garage, summer home, boat… or any place where you would like to monitor or protect your belongings as no internet access required. It’s also a very easy and cost efficient solution in shops, storage rooms, warehouse or construction sites, or any other remote place where IP infrastructure is unavailable, or where IP based security systems are too complicated or expensive to install.

Advantages over traditional IP based video security systems

Easy installation – Just insert a SIM, connect to a power outlet and configure by SMS
No geographic or infrastructure limitations – SC1 operates wirelessly in any place with GSM coverage and 240V or 12V power available
Fully automatic – In the event of an intruder or accident, SC1 will automatically notify the owner Real-time and instant – No matter where the owner is, he or she will be notified within a few seconds over an SMS to the mobile phone
Surveillance and monitoring – Not only can it detect and send alarms, the owner can at any time through a simple SMS command monitor status at the camera location
Versatile – Just use the SC1 for motion detection and alerting, or expand system with other cameras all alerting to the same mobile or mobiles.
Low cost – Simple connection, and no need for any wired infrastructure or back-end systems, reduce cost for both installation and use.
Works with O2, Orange or Vodafone networks and any mobile phone whether a very basic model without picture facility or the latest generation of smart phones.

Minder creates an interactive home, providing your house with the ability to inform you of any changes within your home in the form of SMS notifications. This modern day approach to home security comprises of a number of characteristics designed to provide peace of mind when you’re away from your property.

With no internet or Wi-Fi connection required, Minders features, of panic buttons, smoke sensors, built in emergency intercom, door and window latch sensors and GSM camera, are purely based on using SMS and MMS. There’s no need to rush out to buy the latest smartphone either, as Minder is compatible with older phones too, so communication is always available.

So whether the kids have come home early from school or your neighbour has popped in to feed the cat whilst you’re away, or even something more serious, with Minder, there’s no need for alarm.


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