Installation, construction and maintenance are the realm of two types of people, namely specific professionals and DIY lovers. It might seem like they have the golden touch, turning every project they take on into a success. However, it is also true that even the most enthusiastic DIY enthusiast and the most experienced professional like to take advantage of the cctv kits, both digital and analogue, that are commonly available today.

There are several reasons why they would choose a kit, complete with cameras, cabling and dvr to record on, above independently assembled components. However, five in particular stand out, each of which make the installation of cctv systems much easier. So much easier, in fact, that even almost anyone can successfully set one up.

Easy Purchase and Set Up

Even for the experienced security systems installer, there is a certain hassle to sourcing and purchasing all of the necessary components used in system. It is not just a matter of finding the camera and digital video recorder, it is also the cables, scart leads and specific connections needed to assemble everything into one fully operational unit. For that reason, even the professionals are taking advantage of the various digital kits available on the market, with life made significantly easier by the fact everything that is needed is provided in one pack.

Suits Tighter Budgets

Kits are specifically designed to attract the non DIY enthusiast or one who has a limited knowledge of technology by offering everything necessary at a far lower price than the accumulative figure if everything was purchased individually. For smaller business owners, this is ideal, with probably only two cameras required, one camera fixed towards the door to record people coming into the store, and the other towards the pay point to record transactions.

Better Image Quality

This relates more to digital kits than to analogue kits, and there is no doubt that the wiser investment is made in the former. The cameras used in these kits are of a vastly more superior quality than any analogue camera, with image quality that is crisper, clearer and more distinct on screen. This allows a viewer the chance to examine a subject or event as accurately as possible. Digital images can also be zoomed into more effectively, with pixelisation typically not a worry at all. Therefore, the relevant authorities can identify even the smallest detail more quickly and more assuredly than before.

Remote Access

Of course, for the business or home owner, there may be a need to access recorded footage at any time, and the development of kits with digital ip cameras has meant that all that is necessary is an internet connection. However, an ip system also allows a business to outsource its security system, with a company employed to maintain surveillance duties off site and images accessed on the net. This cuts costs as security personnel do not need to be hired to stay on business premises over night.


Despite each of the previous three advantages, arguably the biggest with buying a security system in kit form is that it is specifically designed to be scaled up, allowing extra cameras to be added to the system whenever necessary. There is a limit to the number of analogue cameras that can be accommodated by a digital video recorder. But the ip system allows for any number of cameras to be linked into the same server, thereby removing the limit almost completely.

There are other factors to consider. Adding to a system is fine, but for buildings that have corners, alcoves, stairwells and stockrooms to cover, a much more extensive system is needed from the start. A larger store, for example, may need more than eight cameras, while a home, with back and front gardens and two side alleys to the house making four cameras the minimum.

In this case, a larger kit is necessary but with recorders that can accommodate as many as 32 cameras available, there are cctv kits for any sized store or residence and grounds. It is not hard to understand why these kits, with a selection of either analogue or digit cameras, a dvr and all of the necessary cables and connections, make it easy and affordable to install cctv systems at home, whether in an office or retail area.


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